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Gourmet Appetizer Index Recipes, easy quick party hors d'oeuvres, first course, amuse bouche, canapes, crostini, cheese, olives, mushrooms,
party trays, pates, spreads, dips, chicken, beef, turkey, shrimp, tartlets, vegetable ideas
Here are many choices to choose from for Christmas parties, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl parties, summer time picnics, family
get-togethers, starters for dinner parties. Each recipe is photographed so you can see how they look and ideas on how to present them.

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gingerbread party tray
Party Tray Appetizers

Gingerbread Party Tray Appetizers

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Appetizer Recipe Index  

photographs of all my recipes

Canapes, Crostini 

Mushroom Crostini
Tasty canapes and crostini all different with savory toppings.

Cheese & Olive

cheeseball appetizers
Several cheese and olive varieties to chose 



mushroom cap appetizers
Crostini and filled mushroom caps
, easy too do.

Party Trays

pita pocket party tray
Meat and cheese
hors d'oeuvre platters - easy to make, great for Super Bowl and more.



Pate, Spreads, & Dips
Blue Cheese Appetizer
Flavorful easy appetizer dips, pates and spread combinations for baguettes or crackers.

Poultry & Beef

Turkey Pastrami Rollups
tasty easy variety of hors d'oeuvres to select from, see all my photographs 



fresh shrimp served on ice
crab, shrimp, salmon and trout appetizers for parties, home entertaining and more 


date stuffed cucumbers
Chocolate, fruit appetizers, etc. A great addition to any
gathering and so tasty



Mexican Quiche Tartlets
tartlets filled with savory fillings, Super Bowl ideas
, choices for party and more

Thai Cucumber Appetizer
Cucumber, potato, leeks, arugula and more all cut in unique ways..... delicious! Some great choices for the vegan, dieter and more

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